Our approach to Ag Marketing will help your team provide science backed, accurate descriptions, for your product - that are easy to understand. We also have the ability to showcase our trial results and published findings here, on our website.

Let us help you share what real scientists are saying about your product.

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In addition to research and trial support, i-Cultiver has developed channels to share scientific details in simplified manner on all social media, including a podcast channel dedicated to agricultural technologies “Innovating Ag” . We invite guests who are making a difference in the industry. We discuss peer-reviewed publications and get into the details of how future of agriculture can benefit from better products. Our audience is diverse, including scientists, researchers, industry stake holders, growers, and consumers. Share your product on public media through our independent channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, LinkedIn and More.

i-Cultiver is highlighting the most innovative products and methods in agriculture in this weekly podcast. You can turn into hear Dr. Rajnish Khanna chat with leading scientists, producers and product manufacturers in the Agricutlural sector. This is a great way to keep up with current studies and findings that are impacting agriculture as we know it. Subscribe on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

A Consortium of Scientific and Academic Professionals

Everything we do is deeply interconnected with learning and growth, allowing us to work with educators and trainer, and employ student interns to prepare our next generation of biotechnology scientists.

We work with the top minds in the bio-technology field, conducting research at leading US Universities. Our broad scope of collaborators allows us to dig deep into each case study we examine. We continue to take on a broad range of products for research and development, as we learn more about each of these products, we are better able to help these companies create sustainable products for our agriculture industry, worldwide.

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i-Cultiver is a unique company model, providing access to research for our industry partners and bringing industry application to our research collaborators.

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