Nutrient dynamics in strawberry fields

Fields of commercial strawberries were treated with VESTA, a liquid product composed of a broad spectrum of microbes and soluble carbon (VESTA®, SOBEC Corporation, Fowler CA).

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Nutritional profiling

Nutritional analyses of food

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Science & Education

New approach and content for science & technical education

Food and agricultural science program development for schools and higher education institutions,

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Consultation & Technical Services
Food Safety.

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Our Products

Alternatives to antibiotics

Harnessing natural biological control for bacterial pathogens to improve food safety and reduce plant disease.

What we do

Agricultural & Food Products
  • Technology transfer from research institutions
  • Small-scale manufacturing
  • Cooperative research and development
  • Microbiome profiling and interpretation of data for functional relevance
  • Soil metabolite profiling
  • Food nutritional analyses
  • Greenhouse trials
  • Field trials
  • Prototype development
  • Fund raising

Career & Technical Competence Education (school & college levels)

  • Work closely with school teachers and higher education faculty to modernize curriculum content
  • Innovative and interactive curriculum enhancement
  • Field-trips and outreach activities
  • Connect teachers and instructors with subject area experts for content development and guest lectures
  • Develop internship opportunities in research labs and locally based industry

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