Bio-Tehnology Innovation, Research and Development

i-Cultiver Research and Development consists of a team of scientists and industry
professionals working together to provide transdisciplinary solutions to modernize agriculture,
food systems and conservation of natural resources. Our goal is to improve the human
condition and our impact on the earth.

i-Cultiver provides customized R&D services to the agriculture industry, with the ability to
verify products in greenhouse and field settings. Our trials and research is conducted at
leading universities, peer-reviewed and frequently published in academic and public forums

A Consortium of Scientific and Academic Professionals

Everything we do is deeply interconnected with learning and growth, allowing us to work with educators and trainers to update career and vocational training curricula to prepare students for future opportunities. Our experience has shown that finding the optimal solution for one of the problems inevitably provides answers to solve some of the other problems We work with the top minds in the bio-technology field, conducting research at leading US Universities. Our broad scope of collaborators allows us to dig deep into each case study we examine. We are excited to share our network and preform meaningful research to better the outcome of our planet.

Our objectives are to increase the impact of safe technologies in meaningful ways. In our
collaborations, our industry partners and investors will benefit through growth potential, and our non-profit cooperators will gain access to resources and solutions to increase their own impact.

i-Cultiver is a unique company model, providing access to research for our industry partners and bringing industry application to our research collaborators.


California Bay Area, United States

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