Peer Reviewed and Published Case Studies

Peer reviewed publications are important to our work at i-Cutlivar. We work closely with our team of collaborators to ensure all studies are held to the highest scientific standards, allowing us to send these studies to be peer reviewed by leading scientists at US Universities and submit them for publication in the top academic research journals.

How Do We Publish?

A Consortium of Scientific and Academic Professionals Collaborations with top US Universities Strict Scientific Protocols
Peer Reviewed Findings

Everything we do is deeply interconnected with learning and growth, allowing us to work with educators and trainers, and employ student interns to prepare our next generation of biotechnology scientists.

We work with the top minds in the bio-technology field, conducting research at leading US Universities. Our broad scope of collaborators allows us to dig deep into each case study we examine. We continue to take on a broad range of products for research and development, as we learn more about each of these products, we are better able to help these companies create sustainable products for our agriculture industry, worldwide.

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i-Cultiver is a unique company model, providing access to research for our industry partners and bringing industry application to our research collaborators.

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